National Mentoring Month

Whether we were ready for it or not, we’ve passed the two week mile marker into 2013.  We here at Communities In Schools of Wilkes County(CIS) hope these two weeks have found you well, and that you have been able to enter this year with the success and determination we work constantly to instill in our students lives.

Our work, of course, would be vastly limited if not for the reach of our wonderful mentors.  January, as National Mentoring Month, gives us a chance to reflect on and thank these wonderful people.  These wonderful people graciously donate their time, supplying area students with the CIS basic “a one-on-one relationship with a caring adult,” — someone to turn to in terms of support, encouragement, and guidance.

To begin our celebration of National Mentoring Month — we would like to first thank our Friends of Youth volunteers — those individuals who spend two to four hours during the week with their mentees, offering the valuable resources listed above. These wonderful people are as follows:

Matthew Daye
Kathy Jennings
Gary Doran
Gaye Drennen
Elizabeth Wagoner
Candie Greer
Emily Greene
Gary Newman
Brenda Clardia
James Barnes
Josephine Redmon
Todd & Debbie Garner
Teressa Byrd
Linda Zinger
Dawn Michael
Thu Nguyen
Rebecca Hayes
Robin Ellis
Monica Foster
Lyn & Debbie Lambert
Kayla Harless
Pealie Brown
Annie Denny
Chad Hayes
Katherine Byrd
Patricia Turner
Joe Samuel
Lora Davis
Ginger Mathis
Fawn Roark
Dorothy Adams
Roy Williamson
Michael Jordan
Mary Ann Ferguson
Ken & Glendora Yarbrough
Phill Caudill
Neal Settle
Joe Rhoades

All of us at CIS would again like to wish the sincerest of thanks to these selfless people. It is people like you who truly make the difference in the lives of today’s students, and we are forever grateful for the work you do and the impact you have.

Again, thank you!!

If you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering for Communities In Schools of Wilkes as a mentor, please contact Jettie Walker by email or at 651:7830.

Lunch Buddy Christmas Parties 2012

It’s that “most wonderful time” of year again, and Communities In Schools of Wilkes (CIS) kicked it off right this Friday with our first Lunch Buddy Christmas Celebration of the season!

Hosted December 7th at Boomer Ferguson Elementary School, our outstanding mentors gathered at 2:00 to enjoy a time of fellowship, refreshments, and fun with their mentees.

Volunteers for Lunch Buddies spend one lunch period a week with a student in the program, building the relationships and offering the support and guidance needed to bring out the best in everyone involved.  Our annual Christmas parties offer a chance for mentors to relax and enjoy the season, present the children with a gift, and get to know others involved in the program.  Volunteers receive a small gift of appreciation as well, and have the chance to win a gift card through drawings held at their celebrations.

Program coordinator Jettie Walker works to ensure the fluidity of the events, moving right along to her next stop at Ronda Clingman Elementary on Monday, December 10th. She prepares each student a gift also — bringing even more joy and excitement into the gatherings — and would like to thank Wilkes Telecommunications for this year’s generous donation of gloves and chapstick for our mentees.

“This is a time to say thank you again to volunteers, and remind them to spread the word to friends, family and church members that CIS is always in need of Lunch Buddy volunteers,” she adds.

The parties will continue at 2:00 on their respective days at all area schools taking part in the program.  The schedule is as follows:

  • North Wilkesboro Elementary – December 11th
  • Moravian Falls Elementary – December 12th
  • C.C. Wright Elementary – December 13th
  • C.B. Eller Elementary – December 14th
  • Wilkesboro Elementary – December 17th
  • Roaring River Elementary- December 18th

If you or someone you know may be interested in becoming a Lunch Buddy volunteer, please contact Jettie Walker via email, or by phone at 336-651-7830.