Headed to College Race 8k Winners

Female Open 
1. Kimberly Byrd 40:45.5

2. Heather Freeman 42:32.9

3. Amy Purser 43:29.3
Male Open
1. Jack Brown 29:43.5
 2. Allen Alfaro 29:59.6

3. Caleb Critcher 30:14.8
Female Masters

1. Sue Anne Johnston 47:02.0

2. Dawn Holleman 51:37.8

3. Iris Hilton 54:36.7
Male Masters

1. Benjamin Zachary 35:19.1

2. Peet Jordaan 37:46.5

3. Keith Holleman 38:26.0
Male 15 to 19

1. Ty Nolte 34:04.4

2. Cale Jordaan 36:20.7

Male 20 to 24

1. Seth Nolte 33:31.7
Male 25 to 29

1. Daniel Brooks 30:24.3

2. Brandon Ward 41:11.4
Female 30 to 34

1. Carrie Sessoms 45:32.5
Male 30 to 34 

1. Casey Church 33:11.9

2. Tracy Church 35:35.1

3. Jeffrey Lee 45:52.1

Female 35 to 39 
1. Katie Wiles 53:52.2 
Male 35 to 39
1. Tommy Wagoner 32:03.9

2. Mike Queen 45:57.8
Male 40 to 44
1. Tony Hayes 39:06.5
Male 50 to 54

1. Todd Trivette 46:33.5

2. Scott Wooten 53:52.5
Female 55 to 59 

1. Teana Compeau 1:21:26.1 (in black)

2. Madelene Johnson 1:21:26.5
Male 60 to 69

1. Rodney Lee 39:30.4

Headed to College Race 5k Winners

 Female Open 

1. Jordyn Halvorsen 24:07.5

2. Lacey Triplett 26:16.9

3. Amy Guyer 28:15.1

Male Open
1. Lee Johnson 19:01.0

2. Dustin Triplett 21:48.0

3. Tony Blevins 22:56.9
Female Masters 
 1. Lorene Blake 37:53.4

2. Doris Stroud 48:29.5

3. Cynthia Brown 48:29.8
Male Masters 
 1. Michael Browder 24:45.3

2. Frankie Keever 26:29.8

3. Larry Palmer 28:01.0

Female 14 and Under 

1. Melia Higgins 29:33.8

2. Makenna Freeman 31:47.9

Male 14 and Under 

1. Daniel Huezo 31:16.8

2. Brandon Atempa 31:46.2

3. Edgar Mun 32:04.8

4. Marcus Lopez 32:12.3

5. Donte Holland 33:17.6

6. Anthony Carlton 33:45.9

7. Jordan Blevins 33:49.0

8. Angel Bentancourt 36:48.1

9. Trenton Hunt 38:46.5

10. Bryson Elles 46:18.1

11. Logan Cardwell 48:46.8

12. Daniel Long 49:54.1

13. Jacob Ridgill 50:23.8

14. Ryan Eller 50:29.9

Male 15 to 19

1. Jonathan Blake Johnston 24:07.3

Male 25 to 29
1. Eric Scott 28:04.6

Female 30 to 34
1. Allison Critcher 32:33.3

Male 30 to 34
1. Chris Severt 31:36.3

Female 35 to 39 
1. Hope Halvorson 39:37.8

2. Erica Walker 50:50.1

3. Karyl Nichols 58:31.5

Male 35 to 39

1. Joel Freeman 31:58.6

Male 40 to 44 

1. Richard Shepherd 31:56.5

2. Nolan Belk 35:59.4

3. Jeremy Guyer 36:13.9

Female 55 to 59
1. Jane Joines 48:44.7

Male 55 to 59
1. Lanny Handy 47:28.9

Female 60 to 69 
1. Sue Risoti 48:30.0

2. Joann Caudill 48:38.3

Bojangles Share Nights

Communities In Schools of Wilkes County – Alexander County Branch (CIS) is excited to celebrate our growing area partnerships!  The Bojangles of Taylorsville and Bethlehem generously donated a portion of their proceeds to our organization during two recent Share Nights.

During a Share Night, ten percent of the profits made between the hours of 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm are filtered back to the receiving organization — in this case, CIS!

Pictured here are managers Jeremy Pope, Nathan Annas, and Jason Gregg from the Bethlehem store, following the Share Night of March 19th. Our most recent night was last Tuesday, April 23rd.

Please check this blog and our Facebook page often for news of more opportunities in which to contribute to the nation’s leading dropout prevention program!  And from all of us at CIS to the staff of Bojangles and everyone who came out to show support, thank you!

Merlefest 2013

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching us here in Wilkes County. With school officially being out of session come the end of May, it is no surprise that the turn of the month is one heralded by parent and student alike.

As if to celebrate the start of this final countdown comes a highly-anticipated and greatly loved event for area citizens — Merlefest 2013.

Held April 25th though the 28th, Merlefest 2013 marks the 25th year of the music and arts festival, and will be featuring some big names!  This year’s line up of artists include: The Avett Brothers, Matracca Berg, Sam Bush, John Cowan, The Charlie Daniels Band, Delta Rae and many, many more!

Communities In Schools of Wilkes is excited to present this four-day event to you, as you will find us out and in action serving up some delicious food!  Find us and enjoy any of the following:

  • Grilled Chicken Wraps (Featuring Greek tzatziki sauce)
  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps
  • Veggie Wraps
  • Pinto Beans and Corn Bread
  • Baked Potatoes (with cheese, bacon, butter, and sour cream!)
  • Strawberry Shortcake

Pay us a visit during your trip to the festival — and support Communities In Schools and your area students as well as your local community college!

CIS Says Goodbye to Five Board Members

They say all good things must come to an end — a saying we felt here at Communities In Schools last week as we said goodbye to five long-withstanding board members.

On Thursday, March 14th, 2013 — CIS honored Brenda Sales, Linda Zinger, Matt Daye, Sheneele Wagoner, and Scott Perry with a small luncheon, enjoying some great food, fun, and fellowship as we said goodbye.  The meal was catered by Tim Adams.

Along with some laughter, some tears, some silly hats and a sillier song — we took the time to honor each of these outstanding citizens for their hard work and dedication over the years.  Read on to find out more about each of them — and see what “honorary title” they were given during our shenanigans. 

Brenda Sales, a board member since 1995, is retired from the North Carolina Juvenile Justice office.  During her time with us, she served as bother chairman and vice chairman.  She has been instrumental in our fundraisers, from chicken-ques to our booth at Merle Fest, so with love and affection she was heralded “Bean-Slinger of the Year.”

Linda Zinger, a realtor for Carolina Realty has served since 2005. Acting as vice-chair during her tenure here, she has volunteered not only time on the board, but as a mentor in both the Friends of Youth and Lunch Buddy programs.  She has gone above and beyond, even contributing a portion of profit from her realty sales with a program called Lots for Learning.  She is due the title of best all-around, though “Best Straight Up and Down” was much more fitting for her physique.

Moving onward is Matt Daye, who served from 1996 and acted as both our assistant treasurer and treasurer during this time. He’s a senior vice-president at Yadkin Valley Bank, and has spent time volunteering for our mentoring programs as well. Through all our recent changes, he has been the frugal voice of reason — earning him the title of “Penny Pincher of the Decade.”

Sheneele Wagoner has been with us since 2001.  She works as a lead instructor at Wilkes Community College, and has volunteered time not only as secretary of our board, but within the New Century Scholar steering committee as well.  With a full-time job, her family, and going to school for a doctorate — we have been awestruck at her dedication to our programs at CIS.  Therefore, Sheneele was given the “Most Scholarly Award” as we said our farewell.

Last but not least is another long time runner from 1995, Scott Perry. He is employed with the North Carolina office of Juvenile Justice — and served as chair of the nominating committee during his time with us.  Not only this, but he was always a loyal attendee of every CIS chicken-que fundraiser — helping us pack chicken into boxes in a manner that  deserved the title “Best Chicken-Handler.”

In all seriousness, we here at Communities In Schools would like to extend our gratitude out once again to all of these former board members. It has been through your help and dedication that we have been able to reach and impact our local students.  We thank you for taking the time and making the difference in their lives.

West Alexander Middle School Staff Receives Training

Earlier this month, faculty and staff of West Alexander Middle School were treated to a special bullying prevention training session provided by Communities In Schools – Alexander County Branch.  Held Wednesday, March 6th, those in attendance welcomed William “Billy” Lassiter of the Department of Public Safety, Division of Juvenile Justice — who provided this professional development training.

Bullying is a severe problem in the United States.  Daily, 160,000 students miss school for fear of bullying.  Sadly, with cyber bullying ever on the rise, this decision can offer little escape to those affected – so knowledge, prevention, and action within the school setting is key.

Angie Yates, CIS Site Coordinator for WAMS; Billy Lassiter, Trainer; Dr. Chad Maynor, WAMS Principal

The training consisted of defining bullying, exploring the causes of bullying, and looking for new ways to deal with bullying — all of which go along with the core Communities In Schools basic: a safe place to learn and grow.  It is our mission to provide our students with the best opportunities and environments for success — and we thank Mr. Lassiter for his time and efforts helping us make this vision a reality.  For more information about CIS – Alexander Co. Branch, please contact Angie Yates at 828-409-0231.

New Century Scholars Activism

As our Headed to College race draws ever nearer, you may find yourself wondering about the program it benefits: The New Century Scholars. 

We know that these last-dollar guarantee scholarship recipients are required to offer ten hours of community service per year — a chance to give back in their own neighborhoods and school systems.  But what exact sorts of volunteerism do they participate in?

On Saturday, January 12th, participating students volunteered at the Wilkes County Special Olympics Basketball Tournament. This event was held from 8:00-4:00 at the North Wilkes High School and North Wilkes Middle School gyms.

During the event, New Century Scholars helped keep score of the games — but spent time cheering on participants as well!  They also worked to help distribute lunch, then participated in clean up following.

We here at Communities In Schools of Wilkes County find no shortage of things we enjoy about the activism of our Scholars. Be it the chance to interact and engage with those from all walks of life, the chance to grow and explore, or the chance to learn the value of hard work — we value it all!  However, we enjoyed a little something extra with this event.

What was it, you may ask? The smiles on the faces of the tournament participants, of course!

Headed to College Race 2013

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Come join us this May for the 10th annual Headed to College Race for Communities In Schools!

Featuring a 5k, 8k, 1 Mile Fun Run, and Uphill Battle, we offer a little something for everyone! Whether you’re just getting started in the realm of fitness or you’re a certified enthusiast — join us May 17th and 18th for fun, fellowship, and a good run!

Information is available at our race website. Contents and easy navigation are listed below:


Click here to find out more about our New Century Scholar program, the beneficiary of funds generated in the race.

Race/Registration Info

Navigate to this page in order to find out times, starting locations, and registration information for each event.

Register Online

Sign up online and save paper — and money on the registration fee!  All the more motivation to go green, right?

Business Sponsorships

Find a current list of race sponsors — alongside level pricing  and contact information for those interested!


From water stations to a circuit course, Communities In Schools hopes to offer it all in this unique and philanthropic endeavor!

10 Year Celebration

We’re celebrating a big birthday this year (double digits!) and decided it was time to celebrate!  Browse this page for information on what’s new, and don’t forget to join the party!


Can’t come to the race but still want to donate to the cause? Head on over this way and make a donation online!

Click here to view our brochure, and remember to share! πŸ™‚

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CIS Helps with the Alexander County Backpacks Program

Members of both branches of Communities In Schools of Wilkes
County joined forces last Wednesday to help pack backpacks of food for
Alexander County students. Staff members met at First Baptist Church in
Taylorsville to compile the bags of weekend necessities – which are received by
area students enrolled in the program.
Sponsored by the Taylorsville Rotarians, the Alexander
County Backpacks program began six years ago with aim to supply weekend meals for
area students.
With food costs ever rising, it should come as no surprise
that weekend meals during the school year cost $135 dollars per student.  With 300 students being served – and the
number ever growing – this outreach operates solely on donations. Their biggest
supplier? Galaxy Foods: a locally owned grocery store that offers a huge price cut
on necessary inventory.
The Backpacks program serves identified students at all seven Alexander
elementary schools, as well as both middle schools, and the Head Start
program.  Area high school students have
access to a food pantry located on campus. 

Angie Yates, a site coordinator for Alexander County, remarks of the CIS staff:

β€œThe staff members from Wilkes were a huge help. 
It is amazing to see the collaboration between the two counties.  I
believe it shows how we feel about students regardless of their geographical location
and . . . [our] desire to help them.”

If you would like more information on the Backpacks program, please click here,
or contact Angie Yates by email, or at 828-495-4611.