Students Serve at Corner Table

LaTonya Hairston helped to organize a field trip to The Corner Table in Newton where the students (and staff!) had the opportunity to give back. LaTonya is the Site Coordinator assigned to the  Alternative Learning Program (ALP) in Alexander County.

ALP students and staff member

Students and staff getting the food ready to serve.

Students and staff preparing food for The Corner Table.

Students and staff wrapping silverware.


The Corner Table was pleased to have the help from the ALP students and gave them all credit for the hard work that was done. They said this was one of the best school groups they had ever had volunteer their time at the organization. The staff was also impressed with the students willingness to help. One teacher remarked, “It is a blessing to see the best of the students shine through.” Many times all it takes is for students to be given the chance to help.

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