CIS Advisory Board Hard at Work

The Communities In Schools Advisory Board met on Monday, November 3, 2014, discussing current and upcoming services for learners in Alexander County.  Each of the three site coordinators for Alexander were in attendance, and gave special mention to the growth of case-managed students currently being served.

[From Left to Right: (front) Brigette Rhyne, Macy Jones, Angie Yates, Jordyn Setzer, (back) Dr. Jennifer Hefner, Brittany Loudermilt, Kevin Mann, Chad Pennell, and Dr. Jeff Peal]

Currently, our Advisory Board meets once every three months, and is an offset of the CIS Wilkes Board Meeting that focuses only on the implementation of the CIS Model in Alexander County. During November’s meeting, staff and board members brainstormed ways to recruit additional representatives to serve, who to recruit, and the implementation of terms and policies.

As Communities In Schools is a nonprofit organization, special time and discussion was dedicated to additional sources of revenue.  Advisory members are always on the lookout for new or continued sources of funding, keeping CIS informed for appropriate.

If you or someone you know would be interested in donating monetarily or in kind to Communities In Schools, please contact Angie Yates at 828-409-0231, or Glendora Yarbrough at 336-651-7830 today!

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