Reading Partners: A New Program for Elementary Students

Since coming under the Communities In Schools of Wilkes’ umbrella in 2012, we’ve been able to bring many exciting and innovative opportunities to our students here in Alexander County.  The 2014-15 academic year holds no exception to this continued growth and development, as support from donors, volunteers, and partnering agencies bring more and more programs into our school system.

We are especially excited to have expanded our demographic this year through the implementation of “Reading Partners.”  Made possible through the NC Literacy Corps, this program brings Communities In Schools into Alexander County elementary schools, enabling us to impact the lives of our students during a pivotal point of their academic careers.
“Reading Partners” will take place at Taylorsville and Hiddenite Elementary schools, and will match carefully screened, trained adult volunteers with elementary learners at each respective site.   These volunteers will spend time reading with students, guiding them through reading comprehension activities proven to improve their performance in school.

Studies have shown that a student is set on the path to either graduate or drop out by the time he or she reaches the third grade.  Similarly troubling, youth retained in grade become increasingly more likely to drop out than their peers performing at grade level.  

CIS is sure to see a decrease in retention, a decrease in dropping out, and an increase in on-time graduation by intervening at this earlier age. To reach this goal, however, we will need your help!  If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering with “Reading Partners,” please contact Angie Yates by email or at 828-409-0231 today!

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