CIS at the Alexander County Agricultural Fair

If you happened to visit the “Taylorsville Lions Club 69th Alexander County Agricultural Fair” this year, you may have seen Communities In Schools’ staff and volunteers out in force!  Our Alexander crew set up an information booth for the duration of the event, and we were able to spread a little knowledge about our cause because of it!  

Though we have recently passed our two year anniversary as an official Communities In Schools program, there are many individuals throughout our county who are still unfamiliar with our organization and cause.  These five days gave us ample opportunity to introduce ourselves – as well as encourage others to consider donating their time, talent, or treasure to our area’s learners.

As part of the nation’s leading dropout prevention network, our mission is to surround students with a community of support, enabling them to succeed in school and achieve in life.  Specifically, we work through in-school site coordinators to bring in valuable community resources, volunteers, and more, to meet needs and bridge gaps between our students and graduation.

CIS is proud to say that every program we offer is entirely free of charge, though this would not be possible without the aid of partnerships with businesses and civic organizations, donors, funders, and volunteers like you.  We make careful strides to encourage these partnerships come full circle as well by giving our students opportunities to give back to their friends and neighbors.  Our students have even collected large amounts of aluminum tabs for the aforementioned Lions Club, the proceeds from which help acquire service dogs for the visually impaired!

If you or someone you know may be interested in volunteering for or donating to Communities In Schools, please contact Angie Yates at 828-409-0231 or by email today!

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